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anyone got 'em? what color temp do you have if so? some pics perhaps? if i can figure out how to install mine, i'll show you some pics before & after i install 'em. but i'm not telling which color temp i have until i get a pic. but trust me, they'll be AWESOME when they're on.
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I keep thinking about getting them for my Edge, but so far, I've only read about one success story, and it's because the Edge's (and 2008+ Escape's) low-beams are driven by high-side FETs, and they're pulsed, not continuous 12V. Most cheap HIDs won't light at all, or they flicker and go out. The one that did work had a "digital" ballast.

Since they're pretty strict about HID color on the road here, I'd go for the 6000K versions myself. I've seen 8000Ks, and they're visibly BLUE. On the show cars, the 12000K purple HIDs look awesome. If you have even a blue LED on a windshield washer nozzle around here, you'll get pulled over.

Have you found an H13 HID that has both low-beams and high-beams? Without seeing them, I'll bet you went with 8000K or 10000K.
as far as blue leds and such.. it was my understanding that blue or red lights were acceptable as long as they didnt flash. at least thats how it is in new orleans. i dont know which HID kits you guys get, but my guys have h13 hids hi/lo beam in 8k/10k and 12k, probably even 6k as well and they're all digital ballasts. but no, i didnt get any of those. :) and i think you should contact justin @ and tell him about your edge and see what he says about the pulsed engergy

:edit: this is what i got in my HID kit, available in 35w/50w
- (2) ORACLE H13 Xenon Lo Beam Bulbs
- (2) Integrated Halogen Hi Beam Bulbs - (2) Digital Xenon HID Ballasts
- Plug and Play Wiring Harness
- Written Instructions and Diagram
- Brackets, Extra Fuses, Connectors Etc.
- Metal Alloy Carrying Case

how much???
$259 from if i'm not mistaken. they may be pricey, but they are DEFINITELY worth it. we've dealt with a lot of "brand x" HIDs at my store and aac/oracle hids are the best, and they come with lifetime warranties. which everyone loves. like i said i think 8k/10k/12k come with dual filaments for a working hi-beam. unfortunately mine didnt come with the hi-beam filament. here's why...

they're 30K!!! HAHA! AWESOME! :)P
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i need one for the motorcycle lol. no more driving with the hi beam on HAHA :shock:
oooh yeah they stuff for motorcycles.. just call 'em up... 504-835-0055 talk to either Todd or Justin. on their site, which is in need of updates, they show that they offer custom lighting for motorcycles. if i had to guess, its probably an h1 or h3 bulb... very tiny, used in mainly fog light bulbs.
I just got a set, and I also got a couple videos of them turning on and the warm-up, which is the tightest part. I'll post soon.
I'm thinking of buying HID conversion kits from

Get the kit for the lowbeam, and then get a set of Nokya high wattage bulbs and HD wire harness' for the fogs...
Shimy where's that vid at?
Sorry, I got a little caught up downloading music. I'll try and get it up tomomorrow after school.. and work.
30k? wow, does everything look like grape soda while driving?
yeah, kinda :)
Would 30k be incredibly piercing as in an intense brightness? Sorry about my ignorance on this. Have never used the HID technology for headlights. :)
SilverAthlon said:
30k? wow, does everything look like grape soda while driving?
I was wondering the same thing, do you have any other pictures of how they look Weezy?
Hey all, I didn't want to clutter up the install thread, but I noted that I was having HID ignition issues at the time of the post. That evening, I was out driving and both times I started the car, they fired right up. The next day, I had the same problem, eventually they lit up, and that evening I had no problems. I was able to fire up the lights in the garage with no door open without problem, so I'm wondering if there is something that regulates power to the lights in the day or something.

This is kind of frustrating because it's so soradic. When it does work I simply love it though...
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