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high beam problem

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Hello all new to this site. I have a 2002 for escape that the high beam lights are not working propperly they are very dim and i mean very dim there is only 8 volts at the high beam light the all other light work fine just only is there a concern with the high beams . I checked all fuses and all relays and they seam fine. i have taken it to my local shop and he has not really been able to source the problem. I was playing with the collum switch and if you hold it just in the right spot they will come on . So i go ahead and order a new collom switch and have mechanic install it and no diffrence. The one thing i have noticed is that before if the headlights where on when the ignition was shut off the headlights would stay on for not sure but around 30 seconds now the only thing that stays on is the park light. Has anyone had this concern with there truck.
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