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2020 Ttanium Hybrid/2009 Limited Hybrid
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2020 FEH titanium, my second rotation at 10,000 miles, and the rear tires were completely bald. calling the Ford dealership in Leavenworth Kansas where I bought the car, and they tried to tell me that I had no warrantees existing.

looking at the Ford factory warranty, I see that the tires are 100% covered until 12,000 miles, they prorate after that.

The rest of my car is covered in bumper to bumper for three years, or 36,000 miles… The dealerships were clueless. I had to show up with the FordPass app on my phone

contacted my local dealership, and they acted like they didn't know what I was talking about either…
so I showed up to talk to the manager, with the information that is on the FordPass app. they couldn't deny it.

they finally stood behind the product they were selling after literally showing them my phone, and the information on the app… But it was sure a headache.

Be aware, you only have until 12,000 miles for 100% tread life warranty.

I am sure there are not only two tires that were poorly manufactured in that batch. I only know that the build date was 2019, I unfortunately did not get the other DOT registration numbers before they were replaced.
(I used to sell tires for a living.)
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