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Mmmm........ I'll just have to do this like you guys don't already know! :roll:

First up and far and away my main interest is music. Both playing and listening to. I drum in a wicked band called 'Designs of Chaos'. ( (I'm the one with all the hair at the back!)

I spend all my hard earnt cash on audio equipment. I had a pumping install in my Maverick, but some f**ker stole my sounds a couple of months ago. :rant:

To consol myself i treated myself to these....
But mine are white & 7.1. And this to drive them....

I have only very recently moved from a 2 bed flat....Sorry..."Apartment", to a 3 bed house. And it needs some modernising. So that's gonna keep me busy.

Other than that, I'm a film buff, enjoy good books (Dean Koontz, Richard Laymon, Brian Lumley, John Connely, Shaun Hutson, Dan Brown, and some James Patterson), good food, & Kronenbourg 1664 :cheers: Enjoyed with my lovely Wife and friends and family. :smile:
1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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