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Holiday Gift - Rokenbok Setup For Sale!

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With the holidays coming up, I'm putting up this extensive Rokenbok set for sale. It started a couple years ago when my grandparents bought me a starter set, and from there my aunts and uncles kept adding onto it as the years went by. For those who aren't familiar with the brand, they're a full series of remote control vehicles that run throughout an entirely customizable city. I could spend hours upon hours building and changing everything around, putting my imagination to the test. This setup makes a great gift for any kid, or maybe even adult haha.

This setup includes all of the following with their retail prices:
RC Monorail Freighter - $64.99
RC Emergency Speedster - $59.99
RC Loader - $54.99
RC Transgripper & Trailer - $64.99
RC Power Sweeper - $64.99
RC Elevator - $49.99
RC Forklift & Warehouse - $79.99

Basic Starter Kit w/ Power Chutes - $149.99
Tower & Track Set - $149.99
Bridges & Roadways - $49.99
Service Center - $34.99
Building Value Pack - $49.99
Piston Plant - $39.99
Down-A-Vator - $34.99
Ramps & Decks - $24.99
Beams & Blocks - $29.99
Braces & Supports - $9.99
Building Decorations - $6.99
Vehicle Lift - $29.99
(3) Control Pads - $29.99 each

All together this setup is worth over $1100, right now I'm asking $600 OBO. I could also possibly sell items separately, if someone desires. Also for sale is the Lego train set pictured below. It retails for around $90, I'm asking $25 OBO + shipping.

For more information on the Rokenbok brand, see

Here's a few pictures of the full setup:
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