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home link and 12V outlet

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So these are a couple of things that i added to my Escape, things that should have been there from the factory in my opinion, when a car leaves the assembly line with a LIMITED badge on the trunk.

This is a homelink module that i put in the visor(came off of a lincoln town car)

And a 12 V socket that was suposed to be in the trunk driver side.Funny that the mold was there in the plastic panel but they never put one in ,so i just wired this from the one in the front because i've looked for the harness in the back but it wasn't there. I took it off of a Tribute so it will look OEM. I needed a 12 V socket in the back once and it wasn't there so now there is.

That's it for now.Thanks for watching guys!
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I think it would be very nice if you could teach us how to do it (step by step) cuz i bought one of this and i was gonna install it on the overhead, but after seen your install i'm not so sure of it
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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