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Hoot / Whine at 110km/h 2009 6F AWD V6

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Hi Guys,

New to the site first posting!

I have a 2009 ESCAPE XLT AWD V6 with 33000km. At 110km/h there is a whine coming from somewhere. I did not experience the 4wd famous hoot from a dead stop, but at 110km/h there is a hoot. A couple of km/hr slower or faster and it is completely gone.

I just brought it to Ford for the first time, and they changed A LOT of parts. Failed the transmission calibration test so they pulled it and changed the valve body and clutches. They also changed the axle shaft due to leaky seal. At last they changed the forward / aft driveshaft as they claimed the noise was coming from a bearing on the driveshaft. Needless to say it didn't stop the hoot.

Is this normal, any ideas?
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I have a somewhat similar noise as the rpm's reach the point of an upshift for the transmission. I'm pretty sure it's an exhaust leak that only whistles when there's a certain amount of gaseous pressure in the exhaust system. I can live with it for now, but I'll have it worked on eventually.
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