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Horn & Instrumental Panel Gear Light Not Working

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Good Evening,

I love the Ford Escape I purchased but it has a few things that are bothering me. I got it at a great price and it's mechanically excellent which makes it worth the little effort I will need to put in.

Right now, the horn and the cruise control switches don't work. I am assuming maybe it's just the fuse. Has anybody else had this happen? Do they share a fuse?

Also, on my intstrument panel, there is a digital box where the miles are displayed and it also displays the "gear". Well it says if its in Drive, Park, etc. I have seen many Ford Escapes where it has a green glowing backlight so you can read it at night.

Mine works fine in the day but at night it has no green backlight. It is nearly impossible to see. I tried turning the dimmer all the way up and the rest of the dash panels lights get brighter, but no effect on that. Is there something else I need to do? Does anybody know what could be the culperate or what my potential solutions are?

Thanks very much! Btw it's a 2001 XLS V6.
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Just did my daughters 2008 email me if you need help. [email protected]*

it is easy takes about 1hr. Get new from tasca parts

Costs 78 dollars

Need 50 mm torque
steering wheel puller $15 from local shop
phillips #2
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