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Horn & Instrumental Panel Gear Light Not Working

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Good Evening,

I love the Ford Escape I purchased but it has a few things that are bothering me. I got it at a great price and it's mechanically excellent which makes it worth the little effort I will need to put in.

Right now, the horn and the cruise control switches don't work. I am assuming maybe it's just the fuse. Has anybody else had this happen? Do they share a fuse?

Also, on my intstrument panel, there is a digital box where the miles are displayed and it also displays the "gear". Well it says if its in Drive, Park, etc. I have seen many Ford Escapes where it has a green glowing backlight so you can read it at night.

Mine works fine in the day but at night it has no green backlight. It is nearly impossible to see. I tried turning the dimmer all the way up and the rest of the dash panels lights get brighter, but no effect on that. Is there something else I need to do? Does anybody know what could be the culperate or what my potential solutions are?

Thanks very much! Btw it's a 2001 XLS V6.
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Howdy. A bulb on the instrument panel probably needs to be replaced.
There might be a cluster removal topic in the How-to: Articles section on the Problems & Solutions page.

There's a horn fuse in the Power Distribution box located in the engine compartment. The PDBox is located on the driver's side next to the fender near the battery & airbox.
FYI: the Owner's Manual has fuse & Power-distribution-box information.

Not sure what to do about the cruise control. A pdf search of the owner's manual for cruise didn't show any results related to the fuse box or pwr-distr-box. It could be that the cruise control cable has become disconnected - on my 2002 2.0L it's a short cable that connects the cruise control motor/module to the throttle pulley/bracket. The cruise control module is on the passenger side of the engine compartment - you can follow the cable to the throttle body or vice versa.
Maybe the XLS model doesn't have the horn fuse in the PDBox.
The Owner's Manual also shows that there's a fuse in the passenger compartment fuse panel (#23 - 15A - Left/Rt Horn)
I like the steering wheel clockspring suggestion.
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