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How best err cheaply to fix rust in roof drip guides?

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So luckily this is not for l'il (my 08), I noticed the other day when cleaning off the road grime from our 2days of winter this year ( :lol: ) that the drip channels on the roof of my 00 Expedition have lost the paint at the corners and some rust is forming. Short of sanding, priming & painting, any other easy/cheap fixes patches? Luckily it's not the entire length, just a 2' or so long section, but obviously want to fix it now before it rusts thru & we get an internal shower anytime it rains! :shock:

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Thanks, so we're not talking spay can primer right, it's something that actualy stops rust, like a rustolium in a spay can?
I'll need to go by an auto parts store and look on the shelves.
Do I try to sand the rust off before using one of these items?

Thanks, I bought something in a spray can, said to apply 2-3 coats w/i 2 min of each other, allow 24hrs to dry before topcaoting with paint. Said it would turn black, as of an hour later it was still clear :confused: I'll check it in a bit to see if it cured black, other wise I might need to return it to the store and ask why?

I wire brushed the areas first. It was actually easy, the spray came out very controlled, much easier now I have a garage and rolling steps :D
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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