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How best err cheaply to fix rust in roof drip guides?

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So luckily this is not for l'il (my 08), I noticed the other day when cleaning off the road grime from our 2days of winter this year ( :lol: ) that the drip channels on the roof of my 00 Expedition have lost the paint at the corners and some rust is forming. Short of sanding, priming & painting, any other easy/cheap fixes patches? Luckily it's not the entire length, just a 2' or so long section, but obviously want to fix it now before it rusts thru & we get an internal shower anytime it rains! :shock:

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It is rusted through?

If not then you can get a rust converter that takes a rusted area and basically coverts it into a sealed protective coating. You can find at auto parts stores. It will protect the area stop the rust and even be painted over.
They have spray and brush on. In the gutter area you might use the brush type as it puts a nice thick and controlled coat. You will need to wire brush or 3M pad the loose rust of but not clean it to shiny metal as the converter uses the iron oxides to bond the coating. When it's dry it will be a hard coating over the applied area. It really works well and done right is pretty permanent.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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