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Its not super easy but pretty easy going if you line everything up. On mine (hoop type with center support) the wing came with a template. just cut it out tape it in place and mark your holes. Then drill. I used a step drill that way you can make a nice clean hole that wont have burrs. Then use touch up paint to cover exposed metal at holes. The major thing is lining up the holes. The spoiler is somewhat flexible but the holes can be off more than an 1/16 or so. I lined up the template and used a sharpie to make my marks. Then took the spoiler and stuffed some rolled up paper with black paint on the ends into the screw holes. then applied the spoiler to the hatch. So it would make marks where the holes should go. One side was off a little, so I drilled my holes accordingly. You should have access the wings screw studs from the two rubber plugs on the underside of the hatch. Also watch out for the rear window sprayer line as I remember it was damn close to the holes I drilled.

Good Luck.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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