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How to get rid of this "nosedive" stance?

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I would like to find an easy way to rise the nose up of about 2" so that wheel house in front have the same wheel gap than the ones in the back. By the same answer, i would probably get more ground clearance, something i whish for. any realistic suggestions?
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I know I'm usually over in the audio corner but this one got my attention:

The reason for the stance is to put the vehicle in a more stable and predictable position for accident-avoidance maneuvers with less-than-stellar or newbie drivers. The weight is predominantly on the front wheels under hard braking, this stance assures it. The rears won't slide out from underneath the vehicle due to the stability system onboard, and the stance keeps the truck from tipping or at least prevents it a bit.

The fronts "plow", the vehicle doesn't roll over. Know what I mean?

Aftermarket springs do this exact same thing, I've noticed.
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