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How to get rid of this "nosedive" stance?

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I would like to find an easy way to rise the nose up of about 2" so that wheel house in front have the same wheel gap than the ones in the back. By the same answer, i would probably get more ground clearance, something i whish for. any realistic suggestions?
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make sure you put tie wire around the spacers and the spring coil it sits on in case you hit something and the springs have to adjust.
one other comment, the "plow" stance allows for better weight distribution when towing as well. If you plan on towing with the level stance you currently have it, depending on the weight it may drop a little in the rear. This may not be worded the best but i think it's understandable. :shrug:
snowfreek said:
All the answers you all give me are great and make lot of sense! of course if i was to have a trailer or camper in the back, i would probably leave it as it is. It makes sense that it was plan to do so. I just feel that the look of this SUV is sooo rugged and cool, but at no moment it came to mind to the designers to offer a more off road delivery, a little like the Jeep patriot that could be offered with this "trail rated" version. More lift, more efficient 4X4, more electrical efficiency, to my eyes, more Canadian let's say!!! Because of arsh weather conditions, bad road maintenance, and wilderness always next door, it makes sense to offer such version here. While that time, i will try to "trick" mine! :yes:
Agreed 100%
But trust me if you spend the time and slowly put the extra cash into it you can make it a very reliable trail and expidition rig. I take mine everywhere. in fact i'm getting ready to go camping right now at the 6,000 FT level in the Olympic MT's. All primative roads. I go pretty much every other weekend and it keeps up with the jeeps and Explores as long as i stay in the 'patience" state of mind and don't try anything silly w/o spotting it first. I will make a list of my mods if you'd like and PM them to you..
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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