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Hi Guys,

Newbie here and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how to remove the front bumper cover from an 09 Escape Limited. I've been procrastinating about whether to strip and paint the grille and lower chrome molding, and then paint them semi-flat black, or buy the XLT front bumper cover and paint the center section semi-flat black. Well.....the decision was made for me tonight when some unlucky soul got side swiped in front of me, did a 360, and just clipped my front bumper cover. Now that it's got a small hole and a bunch of scratches I'm forced to buy a new one. So I'm wondering just how involved it is to remove the old and install the new one once I get the new one painted. Anybody have a pic from an 08/09 Body Service manual they could share......or has anyone done it themselves?


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