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How to wash/wax?

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OK, I know you're thinking what idiot dosn't know how to do this simple task! So it not that simple. My well water is very hard! Kinda like the old flinstoneish commercial of rocks pouring out of the sink. So that makes washing at home impossible. Did it once, never gonna do it again!
So I normaly go thru a drive thru wash with the brushes and stuff, but there's always spots missed. and I think I want to give her a good ol' carnuba coat. But obviously want a clean surface first.
Should I try a 3 step system like Meguiers(?) any other thoughts, tips, ideas?
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yeah nice post above.

Even with hard water, as long as its not too hot outside and you dry it off with a microfibre towel i wouldve thought you shouldnt get toooo much spotting?
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