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How to wire in Factory Tweeters

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I recently won some tweeters for a 06 Escape on the Bay.I think they were for the MAC system.They each have a crossover,and a 4 hole feml. plug.My question is ,how do they hook to my radio? I have instaled them on the door,but there is'nt a plug for them in the wireing.The plugs have 4 wires in them,red,black,yellow,black.These wires go into the crossover........Does any one have a wireing diagram of the MAC system that could help me hook these up? thanks in advance ......buikgs1 ;>)
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i suggest t-taps ... or butt connectors :D
Thanks,but I know how to hook wires together,I do'nt know what speaker wires go to the plugs that are on the tweeters.The speakers in the doors have a + and a -,the tweeter plugs each have 4 wires..........buikgs1
ahem... jpark? move this to how-to forums and maybe upload a graphic of the wire diagram?
Will do. The factory tweeters are wired in parallel with the front door speakers, unless I missed a recent factory system. I think the four wires are for a connector that "continues" the wiring to the door speakers.

I already posted the audio system wiring diagrams for the '01-'04 models. Although the systems on the '05-'07 models have more features, some of the wiring (including the tweeters) is the same. viewtopic.php?f=25&t=903

I'll get the '05-'07 diagrams up today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the heads-up!
I wired mine in series with the door speakers and have had no problems and they run at the right volume with the rest of the system, just tap in under the dash before the wires head out to the door using the wire diagram for collor codes of course... It does help out the sound too. It's a good mod.
I'm looking at the diagrams now. The factory tweeters for '05-'07 models do have a four-pin connector that appears to contain a crossover and connections to the door speaker.

Ford sells the 4-pin factory connector that plugs into the tweeter. WPT-293 is the part number.

I'll have the connector pinout in a minute.
Thank's guys for your input,I'm working mid-nights,and it's the only chance I have to use a comptr. jpark I think your right about the plug,before I put the last one in,I unwrapped the foam that was covering the crossover to check where the wires went and they were soldered to the board Blk. - IN ,Red + IN ,Blk - M,Ylw + M. I think the out from the radio goes to the red and black in the plug,then the yellow and black from the plug go to the door spkr.After reading what you said it makes sense. I'll try to hook them up this way on my break. Thank's again............buikgs1 :>)
No problem. Here's the pinout for the C513 (left door) and C613 (right door) tweeter connectors. The WPT-293 Ford accessory connector (the same connector included in the factory wiring) is around $30 per connector, with around a foot of wire on each pin. You could just solder the wires if you don't want to shell out that much cash for two connectors.

The wiring diagrams and connectors for 2005-2007 audio systems are here: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=910

These are the connector faces, so the terminals on the tweeters are backwards. If you could post a picture of one of the tweeters, I could identify each terminal for you.

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Many Thanks jpark,that solved the problem.I got it all figured out after seeing the diagrams.I'm sure this is'nt the first time you've heard this but Your The Best !!
I also used your expertice in swapping my stock guages to Tribute's from the EC site.
Thank's buikgs1 :>)
You're welcome... and thanks!

Glad to help!
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