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Hey :)

yeah - just replied to another thread in this regard!

My day...

Due to be my first day back at work after 2.5 weeks off with the new baby...

Get up at 6, look outside... damn - lots of snow! (about 4-5 inches)

Decide I will give it a go despite all likelihood of not making it to work in central London - leave at 6.30, wipe snow off car (take the maverick over the focus for obvious reasons!) get 10 mins down the road and think about heading back due to gridlock! Persevere and get to tube station, about 7 miles away about 45 mins later!

Surprise - tube is running!!!

Get on tube, even get seat!

3 stops later, driver says service is suspended - kicks us all off - neither anywhere near my work or the maverick!

Eventually they lay on a return train to repatriate commuters with their cars - get back to the Maverick about an hour later!

Finally abandon work and get home about 3.5 hours after I left - £3.50 train fair, £3.70 parking, and about £5 worth of fuel worse off!

What a productive morning eh! lol!!
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