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While the cost of petrol increases, the cost of hybrid battery packs continues to decline.

A recent article in Newsweek looked at the price of replacement packs for the two oldest hybrids in North America -- Honda's Insight and Toyota's Prius:

Honda will now sell an Insight replacement battery pack for $1,968 (down from $3,400) and Toyota sells a Prius pack for $3,000 (down from $5,500).

The other great news… the vast majority of hybrid owners have had no battery pack problems as Honda reports less than 200 Insight replacements (with over 100,000 sold) and Toyota has reported its post-warranty battery replacement rate on the 1st generation Prius is at 1%, while the 2nd generation is vastly improved at just 0.003 percent (or 1 per 40,000 sold).

I expect Ford will post similar good news (lower battery costs / negligible battery replacements).

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