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stone said:
Greetings HybridArchitect. I will surmise you are circulating out there somewhere. Are you still considering purchasing the new model hybrid escape ?. :)
Whoa... I'm back after fighting the log-in gremlins.

I am certainly interested in what I consider to be the first significant upgrade to the original (2005) Escape Hybrid and would still love to take one for a test drive to compare to my now 4-year old (80,000+ kilometre) vehicle.

The desire to upgrade to a 2009 would probably be strong, but I don't have to worry about fighting that battle since my Ford dealer isn't expecting another batch of new hybrids until February (?); they had a few arrive already but they were all pre-orders and gone as soon as the rubber touched pavement.

I must reconfirm that we are still very pleased with our 2005 Hybrid. It continues to operate without any problems, and the switch to/from all-electric mode is still smooth and effective. I've not seen any figures from Ford about repair frequency or problem statistics with the Escape Hybrid model, but I suspect they have performed well for most buyers.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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