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Im trying to find out if there is a Haynes/Chilton manual for a 2006 Escape Hybrid. My front breaks just started to make a grinding noise and I bought my car a week ago. Seeing as I bought a warranty and it just motor/tran I have a feeling Im going to have to pay for the fix. Ive replaced breaks on other cars but its getting cold outside and if its anything like the mustang I had it isnt an easy job. Im just scared Im going to pay a butt load of money I really dont have to have the shop do it. Id rather see if I can save some money by DIY'ing it. I know there are regular manuals out there but they have nothing about the hybrid stuff in it, and I know the breaking situation is different on the hybrid vs the gas version. Any input is appreciated.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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