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Hybrid Road Trip 2008

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A beautiful Friday morning here in Vancouver (has summer finally arrived?) and our family of four are frantically packing our Escape Hybrid to start a 24-day road trip which will take us over 10,000 kilometres across the U.S. midwest and back home via the Canadian prairie.

A brief summary of our "vacation" features stops in Spokane - Nez Perce Park - the NW Passage Scenic Byway - Yellowstone National Park - Devils Tower - Mount Rushmore - St. Louis - Chicago - Milwaukee - Minneapolis - Winnipeg - Regina - Medicine Hat - Fernie - and Penticton.

This will be our second driving vacation since purchasing our 2005 4WD Escape Hybrid - the first was in June 2005 when we toured down the Pacific coast to San Diego and returned home via Las Vegas & Salt Lake City (averaging 7.9 litres per 100/km with a fully loaded FEH + 4 occupants).

I'll post some comments, photos and mileage results when we return in late-July.

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Sounds like fun. Can I come with you? :play:
Sounds like one heck of a nice trip. I am sure your kids will remember and treasure for many years to come.

I also like the spread sheet you made. Very informative. :thumb:
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