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Hybrid Road Trip 2008

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A beautiful Friday morning here in Vancouver (has summer finally arrived?) and our family of four are frantically packing our Escape Hybrid to start a 24-day road trip which will take us over 10,000 kilometres across the U.S. midwest and back home via the Canadian prairie.

A brief summary of our "vacation" features stops in Spokane - Nez Perce Park - the NW Passage Scenic Byway - Yellowstone National Park - Devils Tower - Mount Rushmore - St. Louis - Chicago - Milwaukee - Minneapolis - Winnipeg - Regina - Medicine Hat - Fernie - and Penticton.

This will be our second driving vacation since purchasing our 2005 4WD Escape Hybrid - the first was in June 2005 when we toured down the Pacific coast to San Diego and returned home via Las Vegas & Salt Lake City (averaging 7.9 litres per 100/km with a fully loaded FEH + 4 occupants).

I'll post some comments, photos and mileage results when we return in late-July.

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Thanks for sharing this insight into the classic family road trip. The pictures are great, and your writeup was excellent. We took a trip like this when I was a kid (about 40 years ago, I was 14 or 15), from Mich through Missouri, across the southwest to AZ, then up to Yellowstone, across to ND, down through Chicago, then home to Detroit. This was in a '64 Ford Stationwagon, with a homemade plywood rooftop carrier and pulling a popup camper (and no AC or DVD players!). I remember that the only times my Dad let Mom drive was when he needed to stick his right arm out the window to even up the tan!

Thanks for sharing, and thanks for reminding me of my own trip. I think I'll call my brother in Nebraska and reminisce.
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