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Welcome to E-C!

You won't always be alone. Some weeks I get the midshift at work. Once I have completed all my job tasks for the night I log on and visit my favorite sites. This would be one of them. I may pop up sometime when you least expect it!
I haven't post them here before, but this is as good a time as any. Here are some of my rides from the past. Not totally inclusive.

62 Ford Fairlane
64 VW Kombi
68 Ford Falcon Futura
59 Rambler American Wagon (It was a nice shade of Pink! We called it the Panther.)
71 Mercury Marquis (could not kill this car, I think someone still is driving it!)
67 Mercedes 280 SEL (POS Potato Cart)
74 Ford F-100 Ranger XLT
78 Dodge 15 passenger Van (don't ask, I just needed more seats...)
80 Ford Fiesta
82 Ford F-100 XLT Lariat (traded with Capri for 85 F-150 S/C)
84 Mercury Capri RS (100K + miles, traded and got back over half the $$)
84 Buick Century Station Wagon (Total POS, my father in law bought my wife.)
89 Ford Crown Victoria (Shot the Buick and bought this new for my wife)
85 Ford F-150 Super Cab XLT Lariat (died after about 250K)
83 BMW 533i (It was maroon, so we called it the FluemWagon.)
94 Ford F-150 XL (Still have this one)
94 Ford Explorer XL (Died after 278K miles, greatly missed. Not perfect, but seems so right)
98 Ford Escort Sport ("replaced" the Crown Vic)
01 Ford ZX2 Sport (sons' new car, now with 170K miles)
01 Ford Mustang Bullitt (My toy, for shows, shines, and wasting carbon credits)

Those were the keepers. I bought and sold plenty (maybe as many as posted above) of others that I just couldn't stand after getting them home. They were all forgetable, and I'm not going to try and remember what they were just to post them up.

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Bilbo said:
camusdarrach said:
I know how you feel, at times on here its like being a stranger in a Wild west town, all it needs is for JPark to programme some tumbleweed graphics to blow across the screen when all is quiet !!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Hey, I used to have a 66 Dodge Polara 383 2bbl. Ran like a Boeing 707.
Probably sucked fuel like a 707 as well, eh? :doh:
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