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We just need to keep getting the word out about the site. More members more people posting. Gee let me think about all the vehicles I've owned...Wow it's a looong list. but I'll try....

'66 Dodge Polara Convert
'67 Chevy Impala
'69 Buick Riviera
'71 Corvette
'61 Chevy Impala (the Corvette broke the bank)
'67 Lincoln Continental Coupe
'76 Pontiac Grand Prix
'84 Plymouth Turisimo
'85 Chrysler Lebaron Convert
'86 Buick Riviera
'88 Cutlass Surpreme
'91 Ford Aerostar
'91 Jeep Laredo
'93 " "
'95 Nissan Maxima
'96 Jeep Grand Cherokee
'99 Mercedes C320
'02 Jeep Grand LTD HO
'02 BMW 535
'98 F-150
'06 Mazda Tribute
'83 Cadillac Sevelle
'78 Cadilliac Sevelle

That's it! I remembered.

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Big Chris said:
camusdarrach said:
god, I've just noticed that you owned 2 of the Fuego things :shock: , Big Chris.
I hope and pray neither of your Vitaras were pink with a white roof and two Rhinos humping on the spare wheel cover!! :barf:
Pics! need pics! :shock: Can't even conjure up a visual w/o pics.

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:? I must be getting old, there's no way in hell that I could remember every car I've ever owned, but if I could the list would be two pages long
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