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I just bought a 2005 Escape XLT

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The sticker price and ad was for $13,900 I went in and was able to bargain it down to $12,500, the mile on the Escape was 50,000 mile. After I did the paper work for financing they sale/finace manger asked me how much can you afford a month I told him between $250 and $300 and he was like can you do $320 a month for 6 years I was like ok it possible... I was in the lounge waiting he came back later and bought me in to his office he told me the total was $18,500 I was like what the heck no way (a car that costed only $12,500 now is over $18,500, so I told him to break it down for me, he told me that I had to get the Sodimize I didn't even know what it was, had to get the warranty, GAP and plus the price was the total for the taxes, registration, convience fee, green house gas fee etc, I understood that part but not the extra. I told him I don't want the extra and he told me that if you don't take it the bank will deny me, I was like they approve me already, he said no if you change anything "do you see it is pending" they will deny you.... So I said I don't want it and left the dealer.. they had a another salesman run after me and told me to come back to the office and they said ok you dont have to buy the extra it is optional.

The thing is before I walked off I was pleading with him almost begging at first that I don't want the extra, he kept saying "The bank will deny you" and kept pointing to the computer screen told me "do you see it says pending", I told him "I could buy a brand new car for $18,500 what can you do for me to bring it down to around 13,500 and and 14,500 total cost" he said "nothing you have to take it or the bank will deny you" Come to find out later all these extras were optional LMAO and he didn't tell me until I read the paper when the other guy got me to go back in to the office.
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Oh my! :worry: They really tried to stick it to you!! :nervous:

Glad everything worked out for you!!! :beer:
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