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I love my Escape

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Tonight was amaizing. First, my friends and I were off roading (again) and we came across this Toyota Tacoma that looked like it was parked in a weird spot...then as we got closer we noticed that the whole front end was done into a ravine and had only one tire touching the regular road. I pull up along side them and ask if they need help and they said yes. So I got backed up behind them and popped the rear hatch and one guy looks at me and asks if I had a tow rope and I just grabbed it out from the back and told him to hook one side up to the trailer hitch on his truck. I put it on mine and then made them take the boulders that they had thrown in the back of the truck to try and wheigh the back of it down so they could get out by themselves. So I just got in and started pulling and was having a little trouble with traction but was pulling only to have them yell "Stop!" I asked them why just to get a response of "did you want him to put it in reverse??" .....WTF?!...."ummm YEAH!" So I got them out and asked them what happened and the driver said "I was just fucking around trying to scare them...I guess I did." He said thanks and then drove away. Whilist he was driving away I noticed it could only be his dad's or his grandpa's truck because it said "veteran" on the plates and he looked to only be in highschool.

THEN, as I was leaving I saw a some what lifted large tired Cherokee playing in a spot I like to play...sooo...I decided to just hard charge it through the area since I have gone through it a million times before just to get a GIANT WTF?! face from all 4 guys in the Jeep because they were going over it all slow checking to see if they could do it or not. I lol'ed hard after just going through like it was nothing and drove off.
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I'm surprised you can get off your drive with those tyres on. They look like rubber bands.

:) ;)
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