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I might cry....

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Well as you all probably have read, I have had my ford escape 2001 XLS for 2 weeks. It's the V6 and I love her.

Today i was driving and happened to be exiting a road when an idiot happened to SIDE SWIPE me, creating a huge scratch along 2 of my doors (passenger side). Insurance will not cover it (on my side) and the other person ran off aka hit and run.

The damage is basically... on the passanger side door is a small ding/dent, and a semi-deep scrape along 2 doors. The plastic shielding at the bottom is scrapped, all the way along (2 peices + 2 small end peices). My rim has a scratch but thats MINOR. Tire is okay.

So basically, small dent, 4 plastic peices and door paint = how much? I don't know.

I am so upset I could cry, It;s barely visible to some but to me it's the end of the world! My poor girl, tomorrow i will take her for estimates, i can't stand to see her like this.

Dramatic? Yes. I don't care. I love my ford escape. With xmas coming money is tight, do any of you dearest ford escape lovers know what the afforementioned might cost me? Just in theory not exacty and without photos?

( I will post before + after later)

Thanks........... ;(
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The insurance company is required by law to make you whole. It should be covered under comprehensive coverage. If they won't cover it you'll need to hire a lawyer and sue them. Just make sure you keep all paperwork where they denied your claim. They will probably try to settle out of court for repair of the damage minus your deductible court costs and attorney fees. Don't take that offer make sure it goes to court. They will lose their asses in court and they know it. They will have pay to repair the damages, your attorney fees, court costs, lost wages, and in some cases punitive damages. They will probably cancel your insurance afterwards but they will have to pay, the trick is to get new insurance with another company and then cancel them before they can cancel you, otherwise your insurance will be higher and you will have to pay for a vehicle inspection. After everything is said and done you can also go to your state's insurance commissioner and file a complaint, which will be easy to investigate since its been to court. The insurance commissioner can revoke your agent's license, or fine him for noncompliance.
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