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The Icom 208H dual bander does have an intermod issue. I have learnt to tolerate it by adjusting the attenuator. This intermod is very prevalent ,especially when scanning the trunking region from 415 to 418mhz. No unusual noises can be heard on the 476.175 to 477.400 mhz section.

Icom of japan originally engineered this model as a ham band or amateur radio. I had this dual bander modded so it can do uhf citizens transmit. Most of the functions are set up via the front control face or on the microphone. Some features are quite intuitive. For convenience my preference is the microphone adjustment. :)

My transmit power levels are about 10 watts for low rf. Low 2 rf is 25 watts and 50 watts for high rf. I only use high power for long distance transmit. Even then the modulation is kept to the barest minimum. Nothing is gained by consistently subjecting a radio to excessive heat. Even on low1 and low2 rf settings my transmit period is kept very brief.

Any radio technician will advise you ' Heat stress, will eventually destroy the radio components, so henceforth its lifespan will be shortened'.

My direct entry for receive and transmit frequencies, are done immediately via the microphone. Transmit RF power levels can be enabled from the mike. The signal meter level on the radio display is easy to focus on. The scanning speed of channels and frequencies is very quick. Alphanumeric text can be edited for channels from the HM133 mike. I just love the one touch PTT automatic transmit function.

Basically you can modulate hands free and have no thumb on the mike PTT button. Another convenient feature is the Ctcss tone decoder. CTCSS means continuous tone coded squelch system. The IC-208H will decode what tone another station is using and store it temporarily.

This dual band transceiver ,has two seperate set mode areas independent of each other. There is a ' SET MODE' and a ' Initial Set Mode'. In these modes you can select parameters and adjust them.

Because the IC-208H has so much functionality, it is prudent to read the instruction manual thoroughly. :shades: All buttons on the HM133 mike are backlit, plus they have a secondary function. :thumb:

The next shot is a day time photo. Sorry about the outside environment being out of focus. It was a hot, glary summer day. Not exactly ideal weather for photography as the perspiration was dripping off. Anyway my objective was focusing on the Icom 208, and i suppose showing off the escape interior.

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