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I like Icoms new model, but i have a reason for not purchasing it. Have never been keen on shortened heat sinks. But i do respect it's other benefits. Can anticipate ,some of my fellow down under citizens will enjoy its advantages. Obviously the ' one step up' functions will appeal to them.

Also they will appreciate the overall style. What do i think of their latest model? Just totally beautiful. That is definitely a nice looking radio. I like how Icom have re-designed the buttons, display panel and front speaker grille. The visual presentation is right down my alley. There is nothing blocky or out of harmony. Everything just flows and blends in. My compliments to whoever designed it over in japan. :thumb: :thumb: :clap: :shades: To me the score is 10/10.

Just have to love the shape of that speaker grille. To me it has that sculptured effect. A transceiver needs to perform competently, but also must have aesthetics appeal. Please keep in mind this is not a review. I am only voicing thoughts, on how i feel about their new model.

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