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I have been pursuing the uhf hobby for about fifteen years. The icom U210T was a commercial specified 99 channel uhf transceiver. This model also had trunking as an option. Only had it for a year and then traded in on the wide band IC-F2010. Receive sensitivity and transmit modulation were quite acceptable.

Alphanumeric editing could be entered via front panel keys. All the keys were backlit. There was no signal meter, but then i do not regard this as an inconvenience. My other review of this discontinued model, will be on the " UHFWORLD" forum. I will be easy to find so when navigating the site just look for ' zesty'.

Me also lurks about on the ' uhfradio forum. On the bones forum i will be found as ' zesto'. :) :lol:

The IC-U210T displayed is not my photo. I did not have a camera back in those days. This picture was sourced from a net site. Depending on what software you have, just manipulate the zoom mode. So basically this japanese transceiver, was my first venture into the commercial radio scene. :) :shades:

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