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ICOM F6021 New Model!

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Hello JIMMYJOHN. Periodically i check out the, american and japan icom websites. I have no intention of expanding ,my current collection of Icom radios. That IC-F6063 depicted in my sig picture, will be my last transceiver. Not interested in the new model, because it has the shorter heatsink. Also it has less channels as in only 128. My IC-F6063 will have 512 channels.

I do like the styling of the new model. On the Icom japan global site, they have submitted the news item as " New Product: IC-F5020/F6020 series, " one step up" professional mobile transceiver.

Icom proudly announces the debut ,of the new professional mobile transceiver ICF5020/F6020 series. This series is the successor to our successful IC-F110/F210 series, which is positioned as basic model. The IC-F5020/F6020, however, not only retains the features of the preceding model, but also has additional features brought from higher end models.

:) :lol: :lol: :happy: :shock: :thumb: :yahoo: :drool: :drool: I am not being disrespectful by laughing. Have used, different Icom model radios for about 16 years by now. Me is amused because i just love their design and engineering techniques. Can understand what Icom are doing. I LOVE IT! For example the IC-F210 is the overseas model of our australian ICOM-400PRO. They both have the same features. 128 channels can be divided into zones.

A friend of mine in Sydney, used to have the IC-400PRO. He is a fellow icom enthusiast. Then he upgraded to the IC-F210 as in imported it. Icom of japan ,specifically engineered the australian 400PRO model, to not have the " Dealer set mode " function. This is the region on which transmit & receive frequencies, can be directly edited from the radio programmable assign buttons. But for the overseas F210 radio, the japanese designed it to have " Dealer set mode". I am on a radio forum. We share ideas and try to learn from each other.

I helped my sydney friend, to nut out the procedure for accessing the F210 " Dealer mode " region. Yes!, it was a challenge because ICOM will not specify this procedure, in their instruction or field service manuals. I can respect, Icoms reasons for leaving the dealer access obscure. There would be different factors, but the politically sensitive one is the ' transmit edit '. I can imagine, why ICOM do not indicate the " Dealer Set Mode ' access in their service manuals.

This first picture is our australian IC-400PRO, which does not have the " Dealer Mode". You will notice that the program assign buttons, are designated somewhat different, to its american equivalent. They are allocated as [MONI] [SCN] [DUP] [F] The SCN means 'scan'. The DUP would be duplex as in a repeater channel. The ' F' denotes function as in when pushed a secondary feauture is activated.

The next model here, is your american equivalent of our Icom 400PRO. The japanese have marketed it as the IC-F210. Exactly the same radio in design and features. But the front buttons are designated as [PO] [P1] [P2] [P3]. The ' P' is icoms way of indicating these butons are programmable. You can assign a function to them from your cloning software. Save the file, and then clone send this data back to the radio, from a computer or laptop.

This IC-F210 has the " Dealer Set Mode ". It can be accessed ,via the front program buttons . The benefits of a radio with " Dealer Mode" is that parameters are adjusted, directly from the radio programmable buttons. Basically this means certain features do not have to be re-edited from the clone software.

Please keep in mind, the aussie and american/canadian models are basically the same radio. On our down under IC400 PRO, there is a limit of 25 wattts on high RF for transmit. Also it does not have the " Dealer Mode" region. For the overseas IC-F210 it has a higher transmit power of about 35 watts rf. Plus the bonus of " Dealer Set Mode " accessible.

I do comprehend, what Icom are doing with their engineering. All three models have a shorter heat sink. But on the latest model, they changed the design. My guess, is they all share the same platform. Am guessing that japan re-engineer the circuitry, plus the hardware components. Also the clone software is re-programmed. For example our 400PRO does not have ' Dealer mode' but the american equivalent as in IC-F210 has this " Dealer mode". :confused: I will hazard a guess, that the new model as in IC-F6021 might have this " Dealer Set Mode" Not sure at the moment. The clue is in the F6021 programmable assign buttons.

Anyway my current IC-F2010 ,as in the IC-F1,000 Series is discontinued. I can access dealer mode , on the IC-F2010 by performing a button sequence on transceiver front panel. " DEALER" appears on display. Then i enter a six digit passcode of Icoms factory default of ' 159357'. :lol: Each button and including the up and down channel buttons represent a number. " SET MODE " shows on radio screen. Then i press one of the program buttons, to enter the radios " Dealer set mode '. My discontinued F2010 ,has a reasonable amount of features as adjustable. I do not have to re-edit via the clone application.

Receive and transmit frequencies are re-edited. Ctcss and Dtcss tones can be set up. Emergency answer back and priority scan channels. The scan banks can be re-organised. If i am bored with channel numbers, alphanumeric text can be edited. I can re-edit my 5 tone selcall in " Dealer Mode" The DTMF can be adjusted. The transmit frequency can be inhibited. My power on welcomng message is also re-editable.

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In my mobles I have an Icom 208H and a 2720. Both are Dual Band VHF/UHF Transcevers Full power 50 watts on VHF and 35 watts on UHF. The Base is a Yaesu FT857 Hf/VHF/UHF/ 6 meter. and my HT is a Yeasu YT-60 with 1,000 memory channels. :shades:
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