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In for Service

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Took the Escape in for service this morning, routine oil change and inspection, all free of charge since I have the maintenance plan.

Asked if they could adjust my headlights, since I put in new HID lights. Tried to charge me 129 bucks to do so. I said get outta here and give me a call when it is ready.

Thinking maybe the HID lights may have been a premature decision. They look nice, but the light output seems to be all over the place. I read somewhere on here that the headlight housing is not meant for HID lights, which makes sense.

Might try to sell the HID lights and just upgrade to a brighter bulb like Sylvania Silverstars??
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My Silverstars are running 18 months strong... now if only they made a set for the 5202 fog light bulb.
kmoose said:
Of course, this is why British cars have headlamp adjusters so when you drive on the continent (our side of the road) you don't blind oncoming motorists with the extra light on the left side (their kerb, our oncoming traffic)
Durp. I'm pretty sure I have headlamp adjusters in my car. If you wanted to raise or lower the beam, I'm sure you could.
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