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This was done on 6/8/06:

So I went and got them, new KYB struts for the front and new shocks for the rear.

It was super easy since I have already taken everything out once to install the lowering springs.

The KYB's include useless instruction so get a Haynes manual, it will help if you never done this kinda stuff. They do include some hardware, especially the rears, they include new rubber bushings and also incude useless instructions.

I paid $270, damn shippind to Puerto Rico, expect to pay less on the US. I got them online over at . They should pay me for this ad!

It still was a good price considering the price of the stock ones. The KYB's are at least 3 times harder than my blown ones.

Here we go. First, a view of the new stuff


Comparison of the struts, they are exactly the same.


UUUUU SEXY! The Intrax springs are purple again now that there clean!!

First one down!!


To remove the struts you need to access the rear trim panels to loosen them.

The other side


Factory shock

No shock!

Comparison, the dust cover from the factory one is plastic, the KYB is metal.

New shock!

Last one to go in!

I have still to test them on the highway, more soon!
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