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It could be in the body harness most of the way and you would need jumpers from the body to the liftgate and to the video display.
I'm not sure what programming would be required. However what mirror do you have now? If it's not already powered for dimming, it may need power too.

Let me take pics of my 2012 book. They should be very similar. I'm is under the impression 2012 saw no revisions from 2011.

Update: here's the diagram.
There are 8 connectors that the related circuits pass though. They are listed below along with any grounds and splices for completeness.

- C214
- C316
- C4234
- C495
- G401
- S407
- C913
- C914
- C9039

I would guess that it's wired from 214, though 316 (loops back in. Then stops at 913 for power and signal. Ground may also be wired up to 914. The rest will likely not be pre pre wired. When I wired heated mirrors, that was the case. Though it may be wired up to intermediate connector 495. I wouldn't bet on it.

Note C214 was listed in two diagram. I added both for completeness.
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