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Install of a Kenne Bell Supercharger

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As some of you know already, the Kenne Bell supercharger is hands down the most radical drivetrain mod for a 3.0L Escape/Tribute.

This was a while back but its "extremeness" hasn't changed one bit!

Anyway, install started at 7 pm 29/3/06.

Here is the 1.5 Liter Beast!

First, some needed parts and stuff.

Removed battery and battery tray to make space.

Dissasembly of upper manifold, TB removed and ICV also.

Upper manifold removed, lots ans lots of gunk inside, Time to clean!

Lots of stuff removed!

Factory plugs out, the ones in the rear bank were also really rusted and were kinda hard to remove.

New IT20 Denso Iridium plugs, only the best for the Xcape!

Old injectors and the new beefy 36lb ones. Also there you see the fuel rail and the lower manifolds.


Even Closer

The top of the manifold, lots of gunk here too. You can even see the valves! Those are clean at least!


Even Closer!

Gotta tape up those holes, you dont want a metal anything going down there!

The fuel rail, lower manifold and injectors being put together.

The factory injectors connectors had to be cut and new ones have to be used. Very tedious proces of cutting, and soldering on the new connectors. Took like an hour or more to finish.

All done with the connectors, whew, finnaly!

The fuel rail going in

Fuel rail installed

The throttle position sensor and the ICV cables have be extended to reach their new location, here the wires are done and loomed up nice.

The new gaskets for the intake manifold going in, yes they are needed.

Motor mount coming out to make space to remove the power steering pulley

Half way there

Mount out! Next up is the power steering pulley.

Pulley comes out, I bent the a bit, pulley, too much muscle!

Thats enough for today, its 1 am!!! lets look back at the mess.... Oh yea, no hood for extra visibility!!!

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Disaster, I go outside today to find a big puddle of red liquid on the floor. Its the power steering. Seems we bent the high pressure tube when removing the pulley. Anyway, I think that just by replacing the O-Ring that the proplem can be fixed.

To the Ford dealer we go!
Ok, problem resolved by a $0.50 O ring, now the pulley from the kit goes in, followed by the driver's side mount for the supercharger.

Lots of ATF leaked out!

The culprit...

Pump goin back in

Then some bad-a$$ vacuum hose routing followed by the supercharger.

The computer already has the monochip installed and is ready to go.

I hope to have it running tonight, some more pics (and videos of course) to follow! Stay tuned!
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Success, the tires screech on demand!!!

Install completed on 30/3/06 at 10 pm.

Its tooootally worth it.

Im having way too much fun sober... im out for a drive!!

I may even install the optional accessories from Kenne Bell, including the Boost-a-spark and Boost-a-pump, should make an extra 50hp together to go over the 300hp mark.
Pics of the S/C installed

I tried fitting a blow off hoping for some PSSSSSSSSSS noise but it doesn't open, strangely there is a lot of vacuum inside that tube at all times.

I had to cut my intake to change the curve because of the new location of the throtle body.

The power steering lines have to be cut to make space for the supercharger.

Here you see the new vacuum hose arrangement and the spacer for the computer mount to make space for the chip installed on the back of the computer.

The supercharger is self oiled. It uses 50W synthetic oil. The little cap there is the fill hole and dipstick. The oil has to be replaced every 12000 miles.

The bypass valve, controls boost.

So the blow off is basically a nice under-hood ornament!

This gauge pod is a dual gauge pod molded with fiberglass into the stock trim panel. It has a boost gauge and a air/fuel ratio. Both are Autometer Phantom series. All credit goes to Escape SVT on the gauge pod.

The S/C gets super hot, you can probably fry an egg on top of it!
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Got some new pics up:

The boost-a-Pump and Boost-a-Spark going in under the center console.

The install complete

Another look

Strapped in on the Dyno.


Click here to watch KB-Xcape-at-the-dyno

Click here to watch THE Boost gauge in action
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This is the dyno run sheet.

I have to go again. I did the run wrong and missed on the higher low-end torque numbers.

The peak TQ is 181 sustained on the mid range.
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Does Kenne Bell still carry this kit, and if not, where did you get yours from. I'm going to find out if it will work with the new '08's.
Excellent pics bud!!
Kenne Bell stopped production of the kits a few years ago, so the only way to get one is from the used market (Ebay or sites like this one)... It will fit any duratec 3.0 but you may need to do some customization to fit anything other than a 01-07 escape as clearence issues with hoods etc my exist.
Nice pic thread...

I got a question... if the Duratec V6 is rated at 200 hp.... what hp did you gain with the SC?
Its rated at 200HP, at the flywheel. All cars have powertrain losses getting the power to the wheels. So only around 145 to 155 HP make it to the wheels in an 01-04 V6 Escape., It dyno'ed little over 200 HP with the SC installed. Meaning that it gained 45 to 55 HP at the wheels that can be roughly translated to around a 75HP gain at the flywheel.
Hello Xcape. Thanks for the photos and video links. It was interesting, following the progress of your supercharger project. Wow! You must have a lot of patience and determination. Obviously the total focus of mind and dedication is there, which you definitely have. :) :thumb:
Thanks for the response. That is a modest gain and also beneficial to the motor itself concerning it's well being.... You don't want too much boost on a stock motor. Did you do any mods to the engine oiling system?

I could imagine a mod like this that will include a total engine overhaul..with a bigger oil pan and clevite 77 rod and crank bearings and a nice cam to I am dreaming.... :doh:
When I did the rebuild, I did put in CLevite 77 bearings, its not needed. More on this in another post.

Unlike a turbo setup, the SC is self oiled, so no modification is needed.

The kit supplies a modest 6 PSI of boost.
that is pretty cool!!! but one question. you mentioned that the supercharger gets hot enough to fry an egg, but you have a modified filter to allow your engine to suck in that hot air. looks like your next mod should be a cold air box for that filter!!
It does get hot and relocating the IAT sensor from the MAF to tell the computer whats going on is a must.

My next mod is a air to air intercooler.
Surfscape said:
It does get hot and relocating the IAT sensor from the MAF to tell the computer whats going on is a must.

My next mod is a air to air intercooler.
awesome idea, thats what we did to my buddies nissan after the turbo install and larger injectors. it ran real nice once the air was colder.
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