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Installing aftermarket amp/subwoofer with stock head unit?

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So, I've done some digging and figured out a way of tapping the rear speaker lines as RCA outputs to an amp. The thing I'm trying to figure out is what will I use for the remote line. Would tapping the "Mute" line to the stock amp (i have the 7 speaker system) work as a remote? The stock amp/sub would stay where they are, they'd just be disconnected. Thanks in advance!
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You might want to re post this in the audio/video section, but at any rate what you need is called a line level input something like this
which will make it un necessary to hack up your stock harness
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^That's the plan, just running off the rear speakers. When I eventually get aftermarket speakers I'll tap the wiring harness behind the stock head unit. It'll be useless for most anything else at that point. :)

If a mod could move this to the audio section, i'd appreciate it, thanks.
Ok well that is a good plan :yes: too many times I see people trying to hack up their harness to make it work with an amp even when people tell them it wont :lol: but correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that the line level input device you buy should come with a chart that tells you which wire to use?

Edit.... actually I think what you do is plug the stock harness into the LLI and then go from there.... hence the second set of wires in that pic i posted.
Thats what I used to tap the RCA outs.

Also moved the thread to the Audio video forums...
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