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insurance costs?

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Do you feel it is rather expensive to insure an escape?
I'm trying to debate on whether to buy out my lease on my F150 or to get a new escape. I checked on insurance rates on the escape and it is only $12 cheaper a year to insure than my F150. When new the F150 was about $10,000 more than the new escape costs. Our explorer is about a $100 a year cheaper than it as well. I assumed it would be closer to the cost of the explorer.
This insurance crap makes no sense to me. :wall:
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I was shocked when my insurance went down $40/month when I traded my Mustang and got the Escape. It runs about the same as our F-150, but the 150 is 4 years old...who knows!

Interesting tidbit...I was also looking at a VW Jetta; my insurance would have went up $4/month on the Jetta compared to the Mustang.
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