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insurance costs?

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Do you feel it is rather expensive to insure an escape?
I'm trying to debate on whether to buy out my lease on my F150 or to get a new escape. I checked on insurance rates on the escape and it is only $12 cheaper a year to insure than my F150. When new the F150 was about $10,000 more than the new escape costs. Our explorer is about a $100 a year cheaper than it as well. I assumed it would be closer to the cost of the explorer.
This insurance crap makes no sense to me. :wall:
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my 2010 32kcdn$ cost 420$ fully insured with a get new one option if totaled in the first 36 months...

i think my 01 windstar cost about 325$ (no new value) a year so this little escape is very cheap to put insurance on...
ha? here in canada we dont have 6 month possibility ... all is based on 1 year basis.

1 thing to consider here is that we have insurance on our driver's license that covers peoples so my car insurance is lower about that cause they will never have to pay for a dead person if it hit it with my car, that's my driver's license insurance that will cover it. My normal insurance will only have to pay for material. i.e. car damages.

driver's license here cost 150$ a year (including those insurance). about 125$ is for insurance in that 150$.

but even with that it's about 420$ + 125$ = 545$ so not bad at all... and i'm 47 years old with no major accident in the past years so that help decrease my insurance cost...

what is the cost of your driver's license? just to know

g brown
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