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Intake Valve Cleaning?

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Has anyone had intake valve cleaning done such as walnut blasting? Does the dealerships offer this? If so, how much do they charge?
Also been reading about the CRC GI intake valve cleaner spray. Seeing mixed thoughts on this. Some say it works and some say it’s not a good idea as it could damage turbo. Thoughts?
I’m close to 90,000 on my 2015 Escape 2.0. Running good but wondering if this is something I should look into doing since coming up on 100k.

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According to FordTechMakuloco, walnut blasting the intake valves does work. I am not sure if you would be better off with a dealership or an independent shop to do this. I have no ideal about the CRC intake valve cleaner spray so I will let others chime in.

Best of luck with this. Let us know how it worked out.

Not going to be cheap that is not very high mileage yet I would say not worth it imo
There is a product mentioned in a YT video that comes from Germany. The video tests how well it worked. I did not watch... If interested you could look there for how well the sprays/additives worked.
At 90K miles on an Eco-Boost, carbon buildup may be a concern, especially if you're experiencing misfires on a cold start.

The cleaners that go through the intake are going to be only marginally effective. I wouldn't bother much.
Ok. Thank you all. No misfires on startup. I was just curious if anyone has tried any of these cleaning options on the Ecoboost engines and if it made any difference.
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