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I was wondering if there any tricks to removing the rear interior panel on the drivers side of a 01 - 04 Escape. I am adding a powerpoint in the factory location.
Thanks for the help!!!

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Sorry that this took so long!

The service DVDs don't list removal or installation procedures for that panel, for 2001-2004 models, or for 2005-2007 models. The only mention of that panel is the diagram shown below, and instructions to disconnect the electrical connector for the powerpoint, if you have one.

But, I removed that panel when I added the European/Asian remote fuel door to my Escape a few years ago.

* Fold down the rear seat
* Remove the rear seat latch bezel
* Remove the cargo area cover, if you have one
* Open the liftgate and pull the weatherstrip away from the side panel
* Grasp the top of the panel, directly below the rear window, and pull it away from the window

It should unsnap fairly easily.

Here are a few pictures:


I hope that helps!
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