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:hi: Greetings,

As a recent purchaser of a 2001 Ford Escape XLT 4X4 I am new to the Escape scene. I have been curious about them for a few years but I'm not a big fan of "FWD" platform SUVs. I come from a background in serious off-roading and I design suspension systems to make my vehicles go where I need to go. So even though this is going to be my wife's Escape I have already started pondering the lifted suspension potential. My goal is to have about a 2" suspension lift that maintains good ride quality and causes minimal cv damage. I will be running 245/75R16 tires in an all terrain pattern. I might go larger but only if I don't have to cut things apart to do it. Guess I'm going for more of an XC rally type (Top4x4) set up rather than a trail brawler.

What I know (or think I know) ...
BDS stopped production of their 2" kit (low sales numbers)
Canuck MS has 1.5" lift springs ($240 set, no experiance with them)
H&R make 1" lift springs ($275 set, no experiance with them)
Ironman has lift springs (BDS of Austrailia, $ ?, S&H ?)

Mine has 16x7 alloys (5 on 4.5", unknown BS or offset) with 245/75R16 steet tires

Anyone make a LSD or locker for these? Heard they have a Dana 28 rear. ???
What wheel backspacing works good for big tires (31x10.50)?
Anyone ever try using stock Jeep Rubicon wheels and tires?

Since you guys know these little trucks better than me I'm asking for any ideas or suggestions. I will share any info I find out as the project continues. Thanks.

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Hay and welcome,

I had the BDS lift kit on for a few years and loved it. It road quite well. Yes they are not in production but they can be found sometimes. I never had any problems with CVs or drive train while it was on. The only problem I had with the kit was the rear shocks that came with the kit were crap and I took them back off.

I ran a Goodyear 255/75/16 on the stock rims which was noisy but they work good in the dirt and almost never rubbed even when running hard.

I would definately add a an X-cal tuner to get a few more ponies to compensate for the larger tires as there is some noticable torque loss at start up.

good luck with your project.

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