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LED Taillight, regular stock tires and rims. Waiting on a local auto place to get some used chrome rims that would fit my Escape, I really dont want to spend too much money on a new ones, this is why I want to buy used. LED has to go with a nice rim, not stock :)

Portabe DVD LCD with Playstation 2 hooked up to it; keeps the kids entertain ,so they don't keep asking me "Are we there yet?" :)

Citi Field Stadium - My Boss is a season ticket holder for the NY Mets and he gave me 4 free tickets to the Nationals vs Mets about 2 weeks ago. I am a Yankee's fan, but went with some of my co-workers that were Mets fan. Mets have a very nice stadium, better than Shea but much smaller.

My first NY Yankees game this season at the new stadium, Rays vs Yankees 06/06/09. New Yankees stadium is also nice, I sort of miss the old stadium ,going to take awhile to get use to this new stadium.
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RobtRoma, both Yankees and Mets have a very nice stadium, much cleaner than the old ones. I am not a Met's fan, and I am very impressed with Citi Field.

futama, Iphone is handy for snapping a quick spontaneous photo when there is sufficient lighting; I rather use a standalone digital camera when on vacation or taking serious photos. What I like about the Iphone is the browser and applications made for the phone. The monthly service for the Iphone is expensive, I get a 20% discount off my monthly bill through my employer, if it was not for the discount I would probably not even want to own one.

Colleen, yes every 5 to 10 minutes they would ask the same question. The movies and PS2 video games; keeps them entertain and their mind of the long drive and I don't have to hear the question being ask like 100 times before I reach the destination LOL. (I am exaggerating :) it seems like it is being ask 100 times)
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