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iPod and Amp

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Hey everyone, This is my first post. I bought a 2005 Tribute about 2 weeks ago. I love it. It's my first Mazda and I'm impressed with it.

My questions is, if it's possible to put a ipod hookup and an amp for my subs in the factory stereo for a 2005 Tribute?
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There are a few ways to integrate an ipod into your factory system, be that by hard wiring or FM transmitter (low quality) but as for an amp, if you keep the stock head unit you won't really be gaining anything, ford factory headunits are notorious for under powering factory systems so that it is less likely speakers will blow. The move to an aftermarket headunit will give you some gains, and I think it might be a bit much to try to amplify the stock system, just something to think about.
well are you just looking to power 1 sub? Or speakers etc? You will have alot of options for sure :lol:
Well infinity is known for reasonably priced equipment but I like everyone has their own opinions. Essentially you want something that will run your 2 subs safely and allow for future expansion if you decide.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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