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hey guys first post,

i recently got a 2009 tribute iSport mainly because of the manual transmission. so far i love the 26/28mpg (using shell V-power gas only) any other gas will drop the city millage a lot. unfortunately it didn't came with all the bells and whistles of my old 07 Tahoe LTZ ((( but anyways i was looking for downgrade to increase millage and so far i keep asking myself why i didn't do it before :peace: :p

i was thinking about adding the step by step on how to connect a Mazda 02+ GROM iPod Adapter Direct Interface(GROM-I2-MAZ) but ir turn out it doesn't work with the tribute factory stereo :rant: so now i have two options either mod the GROM so it works with my stereo or get a new ipod interface,

does anybody knows a good ipod interface for a 2009 Tribute? it would be greatly appreciated.
or knows how to make this GROM work with the mazda stereo...

also i would like to add all the cruise controls and stereo controls in the wheel, if any one knows where to get the wheel original OEM wheels with stereo and cruise controls or how to connect it i would a appreciate it a lot.
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