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Is it too new or too high tech?

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The air intake system on th '09 escape has not been improved by K&N, Ingen or AEM, or any other manufacturer. The '10 model year is out, therefore it must be old technology, so is the OEM state of the art? I have not been able to find a replacement air filter element for the stock one at any auto parts dealers shelf. So my question, is the filter still high tech to improve upon? In addition I have not been able to find a replacement oil filter. I do have a choice of the manufactures of the cabin air filter. I guess I will continue to use compressed air to blow off the intake filter, seize the motor due to contaminated oil, and breath easy because of a clean pollen filter.
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You have it narrowed down to a science... :bill:
jpark said:
The way manufacturers design the systems feeding, operating, and monitoring the engine and transmission, my guess is that any extra air will just be compensated and adjusted by the PCM, and that the extra air intake will just add dirt to the intake system.

Manufacturers now spend a lot of money designing systems to get every last MPG and HP/torque out of every drop of fuel. They test powertrains in every possible environment -- hot, cold, dry, wet, and in different altitudes. Unless you add a turbocharger or supercharger, my guess is that modified intakes don't really do anything anymore (other than allow more dirt to enter the system), and you're better off just leaving the factory system alone.

Just my .02.
+1 for what JP just posted.

Some of the color paint to match body color CAI systems look good for shows, that would be a plus. Several Mustang Bullitt owners add them just for that reason. Bling. :shades:
Some of the systems add a little intake noise that drivers of performance vehicles like to hear. But that is lost on me as soon as I would turn on the stereo. :shrug:

Just too much money for little return on investment in my opinion.
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