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Is it too new or too high tech?

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The air intake system on th '09 escape has not been improved by K&N, Ingen or AEM, or any other manufacturer. The '10 model year is out, therefore it must be old technology, so is the OEM state of the art? I have not been able to find a replacement air filter element for the stock one at any auto parts dealers shelf. So my question, is the filter still high tech to improve upon? In addition I have not been able to find a replacement oil filter. I do have a choice of the manufactures of the cabin air filter. I guess I will continue to use compressed air to blow off the intake filter, seize the motor due to contaminated oil, and breath easy because of a clean pollen filter.
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Couldn't you visit your Ford Dealer for both a new air filter and oil filter? Shoot have them do an oil change for you? There is no logic behind waiting for some better products to arrive on the market if you are in need of a few small maintanence items at this time.

I'm also not sold on the KN systems giving you any more power in a vehicle that has so much electronic "oversight" of the engine. If you do end up with a KN system would you be able to have it dyno tested to compare any improvements? And does oil from the filter effect the electornics like it used to on my old Mustangs MAF sensor?
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