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This is basically why a wrangler, would suit my lifestyle. That is just insane of where they can go. I can be confident, that the oil in jeep gearbox would not be cooked. I have refrained from experimenting with escape. It was only a mud road ,and my escape gearbox totally stressed.

Not sure if i would do the rock climbing. But they climb rocks which is just sensational. Anyway if i had a wrangler jeep, my fun would be in mud hooning. YEP! I would be able to breeze along those mud trails, which eventually defeated my escape. The video might seem slow. I hope that at least some might be willing to be patient.

Take note that the green rubicon, changed his plan of attack. The driver backs up to yellow jeep, and then chooses a different approach. He successfully climbs that rock. I just love it when a vehicle is capable of that. You can not deny it, that is just awesome.

What that soft top two door Yellow jeep is doing, i regard as quite impressive. The yellow jeep that has a winch by its grille.
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