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Hello fellow Escape owners,

Have any of you ever installed a Joying Head Unit in the 2nd gen Escape (mine is 2011)?

What should have been straight forward process is turning out to be wiring nightmare. There are more wires on the generic Ford harness they provided than on the audio port for my stock head unit. Joying support is of course no help, contrary to what the word on the street is about them. They seem to be pretending that they don't know what the problem is.

I have 4 wires (described by Joying as Brown/Key1, Black/Ground, Orange/Back, Blue/Ant), two of which need to be connected to wires on pins 18 and 19 on the stock audio connector to go to the steering wheel control (diagram attached). I have ruled out the Blue/Ant wire, and any combination of the remaining three will produce errors on the dash and/or relay click sounds.

I attach pics of the connectors.

Any help will be appreciated!

- George
Fought a similar problem putting a head unit into a Mazda RX8. Black is chassis ground. Orange is probably a signal wire for the reverse camera. Blue is for a power antenna (and possibly an amp switch?). As for the head unit had 2 wires, one of which I ended up grounding and the other one hooking to one of the wires for the steering wheel buttons. The stereo is just looking for varying resistances in a circuit, there's no electrical mystery to it. I'd get some alligator clip jumper wires from Harbor Freight and experiment with hooking your Key wire to one of the wires from the steering wheel, then try grounding the other, until you find a combination that works.
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