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So the extended family is feeling pretty good last April, as the Buffalo Bandits win their 4th Major Indoor Lacrosse League title. Then during the offseason comes the news that our biggest rivals, the Rochester Knighthawks, lost their best player (and one of the 2 best in the league), John Grant, with a bizarre knee infection.

So we're thinking, hey that'll help us out! Today comes the big news flash: The Knighthawks talked Gary Gait into coming out of retirement to replace Grant. So our rival now has the absolute legend of college and pro lacrosse on their team - 600 goals and 400 assists on the career. Dang.

And this hurts me to say this - since Gary and I both graduated from Syracuse U within a couple of years of each other.

Oh well, remember to vote :bill: in '08!

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While Gait may be one of the best players in indoor lacrosse history, he hasn't played since 2005, and even then, he had already played for 15 years. Only one player with that kind of longevity in the NLL still looks like he did from day one---John Tavares.


The Knighthawks traded Andrew Potter (a first-round draft pick himself) and two first-round draft picks to get the rights to Gait. I dunno... it sounds like the Knighthawks may have mortgaged the next three to five years just to get Gait for this season. Who knows if he'll even play after this season? First-round picks in the NLL are valuable picks to trade away.

And is it just my imagination? Gait suddenly looks like he's waaay too old to play, as if he's spent the last three years really enjoying retirement.

We'll see. I don't want to see anyone disappoint the two biggest Bandits fans---J's and my sister's daughters (my neices).

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